Take Advantage of Your Opportunities

I recently missed out on an opportunity to network with professionals in my career path of Sport Management, and I am not too thrilled about it. Due to prior arrangements I was unable to attend the Career Exploration Fair, but I did hear from a couple fellow students that it was worth their time.

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There were many different areas of Sport Management that were covered and presented by people who currently work in those facets of Sport Management. I am especially disappointed I could not make it because there were many lectures that I am very interested in pursuing for my career. Some of the topics I would have been most interested about were Professional Sport Administration, Collegiate Team Operations, Marketing Intercollegiate Sport, International Sport Event Operations, NBA Membership Sales, and Social Media, Marketing and Media Management of NCAA and International Sport. I could have learned a lot of useful information about each career path in which I am kicking myself for not going. I would have learned what the exact day to day obligations include for all of these career paths from people with first hand experience. Going to this Career Exploration Fair would have given me a better idea of what I actually want to do for a living.


All in all, I regret not being able to attend the Career Exploration Fair that Washington State’s Sport Management Program put on for its students. This was a very hands on learning experience for all who attended and I am sure each student took something from going last Friday. I am taking this as a learning experience to take every opportunity presented to me seriously to better myself.