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Practicum Students Play Major Role in Athletics

At Washington State University, practicum students involved in the sport management program play a pivotal role in the key functions that is Washington State Athletics. On Wednesday, February 1st, I had a chance to go to the Men’s home basketball game against the UCLA Bruins, in which I saw many practicum students in many different areas of athletics. These areas consisted of the ticket office, event management, and athletic marketing, to name a few.

Sport Management at WSU

There are many agencies a practicum student may choose to get involved with. At this specific basketball game, there were interns and practicum students working the ticketing booths. They help people to their seats and also sell tickets at will call. This is specifically relevant to me because I will be working in the ticketing offices for the upcoming baseball season. As well as working in ticket sales, event management was in full force as students are spread throughout the arena, monitoring sections as well as the court. The most important agency to note, and the one I worked in last semester, is Athletic Marketing. I urge Practicum students to get involved with this agency because you get to see first hand what they do. I worked for them during the football season, so the practicum students working for the agency now are getting a different feel for how basketball works. They ran the in game promotions, such as a half court shot for money at halftime. They also have to pick participants from the crowd to participate in these promotions.

Sport Marketing

For sports fans who are currently in high school and are trying to figure out what to do with their professional careers, I would most definitely recommend looking into becoming a Sport Management major. The opportunities that practicum offers average students with an interest in sports are varied and offer an up close look at collegiate athletics. While I had a good seat as a fan, the practicum students were literally on the court.

UCLA Battles Washington State