Career Aspirations

My name is Dylan Moran and I am aspiring to be either a social media expert for a professional sports team or I would love to end up in the front office of a professional sports team. The idea of doing social media for a team did not enter my mind until about a year ago when I saw a few job postings for it. I looked into it more and realized that every team hires people to run social media accounts across many different platforms. I have a strong grasp of what good PR looks like as well as what interesting content looks like and how to connect with fans. As far as working in a front office for a team, that has been on my radar for quite some time now. Being able to hire General Managers and having a say in the team and personal has always interested me since the time I first learned of the concept of professional sports. For social media, I plan to remain on social media and learn and follow as many helpful accounts as possible to see what professional social media looks like. For a job in a front office, there are many different paths to take to get there, and I plan on staying positive and persistent to get to my goal.

Reggie Miller Top 10 Plays

International Perspectives

While I have never been overseas and only visited Canada outside of the United States, I am still a big sports fan and in turn know a thing or two about International Sports. I know that football in Europe is their biggest sport, with many different professional leagues offering the best talent the world has to offer. I know about their relegation and delegation processes, which is very interesting because the United States has nothing to compare to that. I know Rugby in New Zealand and their national team, the All Blacks, do a ritual dance before each match to try and intimidate the opposing team. I also am aware that most professional leagues in the United States have many different websites catered to specific countries or languages aside from their English websites.


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