Classmate Interview: Hunter Hartley

This last week I was able to interview a classmate of mine, Hunter Hartley. This was a good learning experience as to how video production works as well as the work put in to produce a high quality, digital and edited video. I had never done any type of video editing and it challenged my technical skills to be able to complete this assignment.

Before Sport Management 379, I had never had to record or edit a video. My partners Connor, Hunter and myself had to each interview eachother as I beleive we were the only group of three. This made it a bit easier because we had another hand to help with starting the recordings and things of that nature. We had to work together to try and find the appropriate angles as well as switching cameras at one point to get what we thought was the best shot. The recording took about two hours and the editing took about five hours. This assignment was the second time I have had to edit videos this semester and because of the requirements of this assignment, I had to learn a good amount of the interworkings of these movie editing softwares on the fly.

Overall, I was able to learn a significant amount about how to chop and edit different scenes, as well as putting pictures and B-roll material into a video with a movie software. I did have some difficulty with figuring out the basic tools of iMovie on my computer, but taught myself some things and end up making it work.

This assignment made me get out of my comfort zone and do something I had never done before. While I tried my best with this interview assignment, I know that if I had a little more practice and familiarity with video editing and recording, I could have produced something better. I hope I get another opportunity in the near future whether it be with school or another obligation to make and edit more videos.





Take Advantage of Your Opportunities

I recently missed out on an opportunity to network with professionals in my career path of Sport Management, and I am not too thrilled about it. Due to prior arrangements I was unable to attend the Career Exploration Fair, but I did hear from a couple fellow students that it was worth their time.” target=”_blank”>Facebook Post

There were many different areas of Sport Management that were covered and presented by people who currently work in those facets of Sport Management. I am especially disappointed I could not make it because there were many lectures that I am very interested in pursuing for my career. Some of the topics I would have been most interested about were Professional Sport Administration, Collegiate Team Operations, Marketing Intercollegiate Sport, International Sport Event Operations, NBA Membership Sales, and Social Media, Marketing and Media Management of NCAA and International Sport. I could have learned a lot of useful information about each career path in which I am kicking myself for not going. I would have learned what the exact day to day obligations include for all of these career paths from people with first hand experience. Going to this Career Exploration Fair would have given me a better idea of what I actually want to do for a living.


All in all, I regret not being able to attend the Career Exploration Fair that Washington State’s Sport Management Program put on for its students. This was a very hands on learning experience for all who attended and I am sure each student took something from going last Friday. I am taking this as a learning experience to take every opportunity presented to me seriously to better myself.



Career Aspirations

My name is Dylan Moran and I am aspiring to be either a social media expert for a professional sports team or I would love to end up in the front office of a professional sports team. The idea of doing social media for a team did not enter my mind until about a year ago when I saw a few job postings for it. I looked into it more and realized that every team hires people to run social media accounts across many different platforms. I have a strong grasp of what good PR looks like as well as what interesting content looks like and how to connect with fans. As far as working in a front office for a team, that has been on my radar for quite some time now. Being able to hire General Managers and having a say in the team and personal has always interested me since the time I first learned of the concept of professional sports. For social media, I plan to remain on social media and learn and follow as many helpful accounts as possible to see what professional social media looks like. For a job in a front office, there are many different paths to take to get there, and I plan on staying positive and persistent to get to my goal.

Reggie Miller Top 10 Plays

International Perspectives

While I have never been overseas and only visited Canada outside of the United States, I am still a big sports fan and in turn know a thing or two about International Sports. I know that football in Europe is their biggest sport, with many different professional leagues offering the best talent the world has to offer. I know about their relegation and delegation processes, which is very interesting because the United States has nothing to compare to that. I know Rugby in New Zealand and their national team, the All Blacks, do a ritual dance before each match to try and intimidate the opposing team. I also am aware that most professional leagues in the United States have many different websites catered to specific countries or languages aside from their English websites.